our mission

The mission of those who call Buffalo Evangelical Free Church their spiritual home, is:

Building Effective Followers of Christ.

This implies that all followers of Christ are in the process of becoming effective in their relationship with God, and in their relationships with each other. It's a process that will last our entire lives.

Our vision is that we will become effective followers of Christ by living out our core values - by putting them into practice, and making them an integral part of our daily lives, so that we might make a difference for the Kingdom. Our core values are:

  • A passionate spiritual life.
  • Gift-based ministry.
  • A biblically-functioning community.
  • Spirit-led outreach.

We believe that having a passionate spiritual life is the first step to becoming an effective follower of Christ. Our spiritual lives will constantly impact how we affect ministry, how we behave in community, and how we accomplish outreach, as well as everything else we hope to do for the kingdom.

core values

To view the Core Values of Buffalo Evangelical Free Church click HERE.

  • passionate spiritual life

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  • Gift-based ministry

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  • biblically-functioning community

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  • Spirit-led outreach

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