We're so glad you're here!

Our church is a place where all are invited to discover who God is and the purpose He has for all of us in His story. We believe church should be one of the most engaging and exciting places on the planet. This is the place where people of any and all backgrounds can experience a God who is real and relevant in their lives today. That's exactly what we want to help you do!

If you've been following God your entire life, you're welcome here. If you're new to faith, you're welcome here. If you're not really sure what you believe about God, you're welcome here. No matter where you are on the road to faith, we want to walk alongside you as you go. Our hope is that as you join us on the journey, you'll discover a God who is active, alive, and at work in your life.

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Sunday Morning Services:

Our Sunday morning in-person service is at 9 am:

You can also attend our Sunday morning services through our Facebook page or YouTube channel at 9:00am.